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“Small Business Saturday,” which is considered the beginning of the unofficial holiday shopping season, is considered by shop owners to be a crucial time for the continued existence of small businesses across the country.

Some of the many small businesses in the Sacramento area have thanked the community for the support it has given them over the years. People who work at these businesses have said that regular customers are a big reason why they can keep running, even after the pandemic.

“The holiday season is very important to small business owners; in fact, it carries us through half of the year,” said Susan Stewart, owner of Strapping. “It really does carry us through half the year.”

Strapping is a Sacramento institution with three locations and a reputation for having gifts for people of all ages, mentalities, and aesthetic tastes.;

A couple of miles away from Strapping is where you’ll find Krazy Mary’s, one of Mary Kawano’s two clothing boutiques that she owns and operates.

As Kawano reflected on the 22 years that the store has been in operation, he remarked, “It’s amazing, we couldn’t do it without our local community.”


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