Most Loved Kitchen Accessories in 2022

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Who doesn’t enjoy new cooking gadgets? Give the cook, baker, or foodie in your life a gadget this year that will up their cooking game. 

When it comes to cooking, there’s nothing better than having what you need when you need it. 

Here is a list to assist you with your holiday buying, ranging from larger devices that will wow even the most renowned chefs to smaller, extremely handy gadgets that will complete any kitchen.

PURE Juice:

Check out this top-of-the-line juicer for your health-conscious pal. 

One of the most modern juicers available today, PURE Juice has a clean, minimalist appearance with a hydraulic two-stage juicing press. 

The eight-blade cutter’s engine is powered by a half-horse, which it first uses to extract nutrients from the produce and fiber, and the press then exerts 2.5 tonnes of pressure to squeeze out juice. 

This juicer can accommodate various grids for vegetables, nut butter, and baby food is also noteworthy. 

A beginner kit comprising all PURE’s juicing supplies for at least three to six months of juicing, as well as an apron, press cloth, press bag, and other items, are included in this bundle.

Image courtesy of PURE Juicer

Barista Express:

The newest and most advanced espresso maker Breville has produced to date is the Barista Express Impress. 

Because it can produce espresso from coffee beans in under a minute, this cutting-edge equipment is ideal for the coffee junkie in your life. 

Its unique Impress Puck System makes it easy to achieve the ideal bean dosage, water pressure, temperature, and milk microfoam quantity for stunning latte art. 

Additionally, it contains a self-correcting dosing system that can recall your previous preferences for coffee. 

In the convenience of your own home, enjoy this professional coffee machine.

Image courtesy of BigSpud

Black Rain pepper:

Given that so many recipes call for freshly ground pepper, why not get your favorite at-home cook a cutting-edge pepper mill? 

This high-tech Black Rain pepper mill has a push button that can be used with one hand to instantly dispense freshly ground pepper at the precise grit you choose. 

Enjoy the ideal quantity of pepper each time with the help of 5 preset settings, ranging from extra fine to fine.

Image courtesy of blackrainpepper

Nano Sous Vide Precision Cooker:

This innovative kitchen appliance from Anova precisely cooks anything—from fish and vegetables to pork and chicken—perfectly because it circulates water at the precise temperature needed to prepare your ingredients. 

This method uses authentic cooking with outstanding outcomes while locking in flavor and moisture. 

Additionally, it is simple to store in any size kitchen because of its modest size, and any stock pot or container can easily be linked to it.

Image courtesy of anovaculinary

ROBAM R-Box CT763:

Any home chef would love to get creative with this awesome Robam Living device. 

This 20-in-1 steam oven has a vortex cyclone air fry function, two baking modes, three levels of steam to cook with that range from 185 to 300 degrees F (ideal for healthy meals), and much more. 

It even self-cleans and provides 30 preset recipes to get you started. Nice to know? It has various lovely hues, such as garnet red and mint green.

Image courtesy of

SMART Single Serve Coffee Maker:

Give the K-Cafe Smart, which can create everything from festive cocktails to upscale coffee drinks for the at-home barista. 

A new feature of the K-Cafe Smart is Cafe Creations, which gives over 70 coffeehouse recipes to choose from and a built-in milk frother. 

It also comes with an enhanced version of the Keurig app. 

With this cutting-edge device, you can connect to WiFi and make coffee using a Google Home or Alexa voice command from any location.

Image courtesy of cbsnews

Halo’s Pellet Grill:

This Halo gift is perfect for a friend with an outdoor kitchen or someone who likes to camp and tailgate with high-quality food. 

The first battery-powered pellet has arrived on the scene, and you may expertly sear, braise, bake, roast, smoke, and grill anything you like on its 300 square inches of cooking space fueled by wood pellets.

Image courtesy of halopg

Airmega 150:

The small kitchen with low ventilation is perfect for this portable air purifier from Coway Airmega. 

It has a three-stage filtration technology that removes 99.97% airborne particles and purifies spaces up to 214 square feet. 

Airmega is what you need to freshen the air or clean away smoke from a burnt cake or overcooked steak.

Image courtesy of thespruce

Cheese Fondue Set:

Everybody enjoys cheese. Give this BOSKA fondue set, which feeds two to four people with exquisite cheese. 

To keep the melted cheese warm for a long time, this set comes with a white porcelain pot, four fondue forks, a stainless-steel base, and three tea lights. 

Also worth noting is Dishwasher safe is the fondue pot and spoons.

Image courtesy of

Vinci Nitro Cold Brew:

Give the coffee lover in your life the gift of homemade, high-quality nitro cold brew. 

With this Vinci Nitro Cold Brew, you can infuse Cold Brew Coffee with nitrogen as it streams from the tap, giving it the creamy texture and vibrant flavor of nitro cold brew coffee. 

Nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee has a silky, smooth flavor with a hint of sweetness and rich, creamy foam.

Image courtesy of ubuyqatar

Swiss Army Fruit Tool:

Prepare makes a fruit multi-tool that is perfect for any kitchen. 

This is the ideal Swiss Army knife for culinary use because it comes with seven different tools, each with a unique purpose, and is housed in a small body that also serves as a citrus reamer. 

This equipment includes an apple corer, strawberry huller, cherry pitter, serrated fruit peeler, and citrus zester.

Image courtesy of

Pi Pizza Oven:

Pi is a patio pizza oven with Dual Fuel capabilities (wood or gas, depending on your flavor preferences), Solo Stove’s Signature Airflow, and Demi Dome Construction, enabling it to catch and maintain heat for the perfect pizza. 

This oven, which can produce three to four pizzas per hour and includes a cordierite pizza stone, is perfect for pizza enthusiasts.

Image courtesy of tomsguide

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